Breeding Program

Lisa, along with her parents, Denise and Joe Barry, have been busy breeding the next generation of event horses.  Their foundation mare is Rajacon's Rose (Consul X Raja's Lucky Lady by Northern Raja), a 1998 bay Dutch Warmblood/TBx who was herself a homebred born at the Barrys' Wind Dancer Farm in Pittsburgh, PA.  "Rosie" is an extremely talented mare who scored 9's in the dressage and was a very scopey jumper, before her career was cut short due to a pasture injury.  She now produces beautiful and athletic foals from world-class sport horse stallions and really enjoys her job as a mother.  

Rosie and the foals are cared for by Abigail Gille in Flint Hill, Virginia on a lovely farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They grow up running and playing in large fields with their siblings and friends, learning herd dynamics and building strong bones and muscles before they come in to be trained.

Lisa starts them around the age of 3 with natural horsemanship techniques learned from David O'Connor and Parelli certified trainers.  After a short period of learning to trust/become a partner with Lisa, the babies go back out to their fields until they make their first trip to Florida for the winter. There, in the sun and sand of Ocala, Rosie's babies join the other horses in Lisa's program and learn all about dressage, jumping and cross country.  

Rosie has produced 5 lovely babies.  Here is a little bit of information on each one...


Rosie's Double Take 
2006 bay mare by Welton Double Cracker

"Zoomy" was the first of Lisa's foals to be born on Abigail's farm and got her name due to her enthusiasm and speed.  She very quickly became the alpha mare.  Right from the beginning she was gorgeous!  Dished face, beautiful eye, elegant neck, balanced and athletic....she was chosen to compete at the Warrenton Horse Show twice as a yearling and two yr old.  

Zoom is super smart and very sensitive.  When she went to "baby camp" at the O'Connor's farm in Middleburg, she was tough the first day but soon became the star of the class as she only had to do something once to master it.  Lisa was proudly riding her all over the mountain in the Parelli halter in no time.  Now, all grown up, and still gorgeous, Zoomy is competing and shows her mother's elevated gaits and scope.  Lisa has great hopes for the future with this elegant horse.


Rosie's Little Miss Liberty
2007 bay mare by Catherston Liberator

"CC" got her name from Abigail because she was a carbon copy of her mother.  This special filly soon exhibited her talent for jumping by leaping over the four board fence before she was weaned....not once but twice.  After she jumped out of the pasture away from her mother, she realized where she was and jumped back in!!  Another day, CC decided to go back to the barn and jumped out over the field gate...no worry about her mum this time....

Lisa was very exited to start this baby, anxious to see how she was compared to her older sister.  CC showed the same intelligence, but with a more reserved  personality.  Quiet and sweet, she is very brave and, as proven early in her life, jumping comes naturally to her.  CC is powerful and naturally uphill, making her work easy and fun!  

Rosie's Romance
2009 bay mare by A Fine Romance

Little "Chattie" was quite the talker as a young foal.  Of all the babies, she has the least amount of white....resembling her father.  Gentle and loving, she enjoys and trusts people and, as hoped, was easy to start.  

Rosie's Murcielago
2010 bay gelding by Formula One

This colt was born with more white than all his siblings, and has the unusual marking of a hook on the side of his white face...thus acquiring the name of "Hook" from Abigail.  Bay with three white stockings,  wide blaze and the hook, he's a real looker!  This one was a little pistol early on, and the decision was made to geld him, even though he would have made a nice stallion prospect.  Hook shows lovely uphill carriage and enjoys his romps through the field with his buddies.  

Hook is now under saddle!  He's having a wonderful time learning how to be a real horse.  






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