"...you're trying to learn the language of your horse, rather than trying to teach him the language of people."
~David O'Connor

Lisa has worked on the racetrack starting young horses and bringing them along as they learn to gallop.  She has a great deal of experience with OTTBs, retraining them towards new careers as sport horses.  

Lisa also starts all the young sport horses bred by Wind Dancer Farm.   She uses her knowledge from her childhood in Pony Club, her experience working at the track and working with the O'Connors, and natural horsemanship to start horses on their educational journey. Lisa believes in forging a partnership of trust with a young horse so that they can enjoy their journey together.


"If a horse becomes more beautiful in the course of his work, it is a sign that the training principles are correct."
~Colonel Podhajsky

Training young horses and giving them the education they need to fulfill their potential is a very rewarding endeavor for Lisa.  She loves to feel them change and mature under her and takes great satisfaction in their success along the way.  The journey is truly her focus, and horses are brought along according to their individual needs...looking toward the long term welfare of the horse and not just a "quick fix."  

Lisa is happy to take horses in that need to be restarted as well.  Those with issues of trust can be helped to see the rider as a partner not a predator.  

Lisa is looking for people who would like to be a part of her journey in an ownership role.  With experience training multiple horses to the FEI levels, including top-10 placings at many CCI3* events including Bromont CCI3*, Jersey Fresh CCI3*,  The Fork CIC3*, etc., Lisa knows what it takes to bring a horse from green to successful international competitor.  

Please follow this link to learn more about ownership opportunities.


"A pony is a childhood dream; a horse is an adult treasure."
~Rebecca Carroll

Lisa has a proven track record of selling well trained, high quality sport horses.  Trainers, owners and riders know her as honest and easy to work with.  Please see the "Horses for Sale" page for current offerings and past sales.  

You can also rely on Lisa as an agent to help you find your perfect new partner--using her network of contacts in the eventing, dressage, jumper and racing communities. 

Please click on this link to receive notices of new horses for sale.




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